Dr. Robert McFarland's and my experience with the JonBenet Ramsey murder case 

and District Attorney Alex Hunter's "grand secrecy"

by Evan Ravitz , evan@vote.org

The Boulder Daily Camera will publish my editorial about the case this Saturday 4/29/00, which will be document 16 below. Note the year 2000 developments below. We tried to tell the Grand Jury about these things!
  1. October 15, 1999: My letter to Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar, with time line summary of events.
  2. September 7, 1999: Dr. McFarland's request to testify to the grand jury
  3. September 20, 1999: My request to testify to the grand jury, to prosecuting attorney Michael Kane.
  4. September 20, 1999: Mr. Kane and Alex Hunter's denial of my request.
  5. September 27, 1999: My appeal of the denial to Judge Roxanne Bailin
  6. September 27, 1999: My motion to vacate Judge Daniel Hale's no-contact (with the grand jury) order, with the support of the Colorado ACLU
  7. October 7, 1999: Judge Bailin's denial of my appeal.
  8. Spring, 1999: Chapters 10 & 20 of Stephen Singular's book Presumed Guilty: An Investigation into the Jon Benet Ramsey Case, the Media, and the Culture of Pornography These were the chapters that we sent to the grand jurors at their homes after the grand jury foreman told us he never received the book we sent him in care of the District Attorney. For this we were threatened with contempt of court, in spite of Colorado law. We were the main sources for the chapters.
  9. February 2, 1999: Transcript of Dr. McFarland's radio interview with Donald Freed, author of Killing Time, (about the OJ Simpson case) and screenwriter for the movie "Executive Action" about the JFK assassination.
  10. Spring, 1994: Dr. McFarland's article on The Children of God cult, published in The Journal of Psychohistory. A former trainer for the cult recently returned his "Parent of the Year" award when his association was disclosed.
  11. The case of Lauriane, "the JonBenet of France"
  12. FEBRUARY 25, 2000: Boulder Daily Camera: "DA pursues new Ramsey lead: Hunter asks police to investigate woman’s story of sex abuse"
  13. FEBRUARY 26, 2000: Boulder Daily Camera: "Therapist backs sex-ring claim; Bienkowski: Client gave Boulder police names of people who are witnesses in JonBenet’s death."
  14. MARCH 5, 2000: Boulder Daily Camera: "Ramsey Detectives off to California" (to interview the therapist of the woman claiming knowledge of the Ramsey case due to her family’s closeness with Ramsey ex-friend Fleet White)
  15. MARCH 9, 2000: Boulder Daily Camera "Boulder police interview therapist"
  16. April 29, 2000: Boulder Daily Camera guest editorial by Evan Ravitz: "'Nothing what it seems' in Ramsey case." Here's the paragraph the Camera DIDN'T publish (it was to be 3rd to last):

"Det. Tom Wickman made another curious comment to Dr. McFarland and I, and independently to Stephen Singular, author of "Presumed Guilty: An Investigation into the JonBenet Ramsey Case, the Media, and the Culture of Pornography" (on page 217). Tom said that once he was "getting close" to arresting a Boulder City Council member, but had been told to "back off." Since Tom was legally prohibited from giving us any clues about the Ramsey investigation, I feel he was repeatedly drawing an analogy, by way of saying that he'd heard the pedophile-coverup story before and had been told to back off from investigating that."

We suggest letters to US Attorney General Janet Reno. Ask her to investigate why the FBI never took charge of the Ramsey case -an apparent kidnapping case- as required by the "Lindbergh law." Ask her to review this web site (vote.org) Her address:

Attorney General Janet Reno, U.S. Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington DC 20530-0001
web@usdoj.gov You can call her at 202-616-2777 or fax: 202-514-5331

You can also email Colorado Governor Owens, Attorney General Salazar, and their advisors.

Grand Juries in Colorado, both State and Federal, are being manipulated in various ways. The Ramsey Grand Jury was kept in the dark about many people’s evidence. Read the leaked 1993 Rocky Flats Grand Jury Uncensored Report. Rocky Flats, between Denver and Boulder, made the A-bomb "triggers" for US H-bombs from 1954 till closed by the FBI in 1989. The Grand Jurors wanted to indict Department of Energy officials and private contractors for continuing crimes, but the prosecutor struck a deal, and silenced the jurors.

For an alternative to such secrecy and impunity in government, please see the National Initiative for Democracy..