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September 20, 1999

Mr. Evan Ravitz

1130 11th St #3

Boulder CO 80302

Re: Request to appear before the Boulder County Statutory Grand Jury

Dear Mr. Ravitz:

After due consideration of your request to appear and testify before the Boulder County Grand Jury in the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation, I wish to inform you that your request is denied. We have determined that your proposed testimony would not serve the interests of justice which is the controlling standard by which to judge your request.

Your request discusses the exstence of child pornography in Boulder County and suggests that there may be a link between that and the death of JonBenet Ramsey. You have not identified any nexus between that and the murder of JonBenet. Ramsey, nor any reason to conclude that there might be one. Further, to the extent that one could possibly exist, you have no personal knowledge of any facts, apparently, to make the connection.

In addition, you have stated that the grand jury should investigate the response of the FBI to the initial report that JonBenet was kidnaped by a foreign faction. This is not a proper subject for the grand jury to explore. Their mission is to determine, if possible, who killed the child. A review of the FBI's role in the investigation would not further that goal, and would be more appropriately addressed to the United States Department of Justice Inspector General's Office.

Finally, you state that you wish to inform the grand jury that a former city attorney in Boulder might have been in possession of child pornography in 1991, that he might have ad a motive to protect others in the city who engage in the same activity and he might have been consulted and presumably have steered authorities away from a child pornography connection. You surmise this because Alex Hunter, the District Attorney, was not available to be consulted in the early days of the investigation. You offer no evidence to connect any of this chain of speculation together.

I wish to advise you that you have a right to petition the Boulder District Court to review this Decision. The procedure is outlined in Colorado Revised statutes Section 16-5-204 (l)

Very truly yours,

Alexander M. Hunter

District Attorney

By: [signature]

Michael J. Kane

Deputy District Attorney