Case No. 98CR750


In re the 1998 Grand Jury

This matter comes before the Court on the application of Evan Ravitz filed September 27, 1999, to testify before the 1998 Grand Jury. He has made application to the District Attorney pursuant to C.R. S. 16-5-204. By letter of August 20, 1999, Michael Kane, Special Deputy District Attorney, denied the request.

The Court has considered both Ravitzís letter to the District Attorney supplied by him and Ravitzís letter to the Court. Ravitz wishes to tell the jury that they should investigate the Ramseys in terms of child pornography. He goes on at some length regarding his suspicions of Joseph N. DeRaismes III, the City Attorney of Boulder. He surmises that various highly-placed pedophiles exist in Boulder and there may be a connection the Ramsey murder.

Second, ;Ravitz wishes to tell the jury that the FBI did not behave according to their normal patterns in this case. Furthermore, local law enforcement officials did not call the FBI in despite the fact that kidnappings are part of their jurisdiction.

The inference the Court draws is that Ravitz believes that local elected officials and law enforcement officials deliberately avoided proper investigation of the Ramsey case in order to cover for a pornography group in Boulder. [Ms. Bailin misunderstands me: I think they avoided investigating our leads because they are afraid of more bad publicity for Boulder.]

The Standard against which the Court must measure a request to testify is whether the proffered testimony would serve the interests of justice. C.R.S. 16-5-204(l). Ravitz does not have facts or observations to offer the grand jury. [I know who does, named them to the police, and believe that the police never talked to them.] Instead, he wishes to speculate that there may be some connection between unnamed parties and pornography groups. He can offer no facts that tend to substantiate his claim or that suggest a nexus between his speculation and the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey. Accordingly, the Court finds that it would not be in the interests of justice to allow his testimony.

The application to testify is denied.

Dated: October 7, 1999

By the Court


R. Bailin, Chief Judge