Judge Roxanne Bailin

20th Judicial District

6th & Canyon

Boulder CO 80302

Dear Judge Bailin,

This is my petition to the court for a hearing on the District Attorney’s denial of my request to speak to the grand jury, as provided for by Colorado Revised Statute 16-5-204 (l). I enclose my letter to Mr. Kane and his reply.

[In this public version, a name and position have been disguised. The version to Judge Bailin contained the real name and position. –Evan Ravitz]

I was stunned to discover that Mr. Kane had not carefully read my letter. He refers (last paragraph, 1st page) to "a former city EMPLOYEE" when my letter clearly names "Mr. XXX, City EMPLOYEE of Boulder," a position he still holds –and held at the time of JonBenet Ramsey’s murder, which is how he might have influenced the case. Apparently Mr. Kane has read the chapters of the book Presumed Guilty that Dr. McFarland and I innocently sent to the grand jury, which, to avoid libel, disguise Mr. XXX, and refer to him in an ambiguous way, from which one could mistakenly infer his position was "former."

Further Mr. Kane (2nd paragraph) says "You have not identified any nexus between that [child pornography] and the murder of JonBenet Ramsey." I did, clearly, in the first 2 paragraphs of my letter. Pam Griffin has publicly stated that JonBenet’s pageant photographer Randy Simons had requested her daughter Kristine to participate in a child pornography session, whether or not she was allowed to talk about this to the grand jury.

Mr. Kane states (3rd paragraph) "This [the FBI no-show] is not a proper subject for the grand jury to explore. Their mission is to determine, if possible, who killed the child." The citizens have waited 2 ¾ years and spent 2 million dollars and we don’t know who killed her, possibly because the DAs refuse to look in the yawning pandora’s box we and others have opened. The "mission" of justice should also be to prevent more children from being raped and/or killed. Just as we must investigate not just "who sold drugs" but how they were imported, who else profited -and who was paid to look away- so we must, as circumstances demand, find out not just "who killed JonBenet" but what motives and other illegal activities led to the murder, so history doesn’t repeat itself! Truth, you will remember, was also found in Pandora’s Box.

Finally, Kane writing his response the same day I hand-delivered my letter (September 20th), not even having read it carefully, hardly shows "due consideration of [my] request to appear and testify…" It seems to me that the prosecutors have pre-determined that the investigation will not broach these subjects even if someone gets away with murder. If you are party to such an agreement, I pray for you. Sunshine will be the best antiseptic.

To summarize:

I’ve made a strong case that prominent people in Boulder are involved in pedophilia. Pam Griffin states that JonBenet’s photographer was involved. I’ve made a circumstantial case that pedophilia exists at the highest level in the Boulder justice system.

The FBI no-show is evidence that legal procedure has been corrupted in this case –apparently constituting related crime that has effectively destroyed the investigation of this murder..

Only the citizens can be impartial in a case in which the legal machinery has been corrupted. Keeping we citizens from the citizens of the grand jury seems to violate Colorado Revised Statute 16-5-204 (l) which states "any person may approach the prosecuting attorney or the grand jury and request to testify in an inquiry before a grand jury or to appear before a grand jury." (emphasis added)





Evan Ravitz

1130 11th St. #3

Boulder CO 80302