• Tell your web-surfer friends our web URL:
  • Post our URL on newsgroups and email lists you think are interested.
  • Put our URL in letters to local newspapers to tell others.
  • Feel free to use our words and files as you wish!
  • Print out our all-purpose brochure for your unwebbed friends
  • Send us news and opinion on voting, democracy and initiatives.
  • Endorse! Get opinion leaders and organizations to endorse us.
  • Initiate! If your town or state has initiative laws, we’ll help you design, word and pass a petition to put phone voting on your ballot. Or, convince your representatives to do it. Contact us: (303)440-6838 (phone and fax) or email: evan (at)
  • Innovate! Large companies or clubs or whatever might need a democratic boost into the next millennium. Let us consult for you.
  • Translate! Help translate these files into your language- esp. Spanish.
  • Raise Funds! We really need help in this department.
  • Legal Work! Help us apply for tax-deductible status, etc.
  • Feedback! We want your ideas- that’s the whole point isn’t it?
  • Contribute: (print and send with real money:)
I want to participate, not just spectate. Sign me up! 
$5__Grassroots  $20__Growing Shoots  $50__Full Flower 
$100__Founding Father/Mother   $500__National Hero  

Name    ____________________________________
Address ____________________________________
City    _________________  ST ___  Zip _________
Phone   ____________________________________
E-mail address _____________________________
How can you volunteer?______________________
bumper stickers!  $1 ______
postpaid: $12x___=_______ 

Color (Purple ink  on:) __grey __ gold __yellow 

Size: __Med __Large __X-Large
Send checks to: Voting by Phone
                1130 11th St #3
                Boulder CO 80302

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