• 8/4/10 San Francisco Declaration on Direct Democracy issued. It’s GREAT!
  • 7/31/10-8/4/10 3rd Annual International Conference on Direct Democracy in San Francisco
  • 7/30/10 2010 Ballot Measures status update
  • 11/11/09 Fundraising to make a feature-length film about National Initiative for Democracy begins.
  • 6/26/09 Oregon governor signs Citizen Initiative Review bill. This is the first real improvement to the initiative process in any state in U.S. history, similar to our project’s “Deliberative Committees”.
  • 4/17/09 Ralph Nader endorses our project!
  • 4/13/09 founder Evan Ravitz interviewed on Denver/Boulder KGNU. Listen. (Starts 37 min. in, after Jim Hightower)
  • 12/8/08 My new Congressman Jared Polis says he’ll introduce a bill for NATIONAL ballot initiatives!
  • 12/3/08 founder Evan Ravitz interviewed on N.M. TV’s The Morning Show Live (starts 12 min. into the show, after the City Councilman)
  • Study: Web 2.0 social networking no substitute for “direct” democracy
  • 11/22/08 Swiss file ballot initiative to curb executive pay and increase shareholder power.
  • 2008 Ballot Issues Results *Ballot Measures database 1902-2008!
  • 5/31/08 founder Evan Ravitz interviewed by Kevin Barrett on Republic Broadcasting Network. Listen
  • 1/25/08National Initiatives rated #1 in democracy ideas within 24 hours at On Day One, a project of the Better World Fund! Please rate, comment or Digg us here
  • 11/28/07’s Evan Ravitz interviewed by Judah Freed on KGNU Listen (starts 7:30 in, past music and news)
  • 11/26/07 Evan interviewed by Carol Brouillet on We the People Radio Listen
  • 1/26/07 The University of Colorado Law School’s conference “The Voice of the Crowd: Colorado’s Initiative” was held at the Capitol in Denver with speakers including Ben Barber, author of Strong Democracy. Co-sponsored by Jared Polis.
  • 11/21/06 2006 Ballot initiative wrap up

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