The volcanic belt of Mexico

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Mexico's volcanic belt runs from around Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific via Tepic then Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Jalapa on to Veracruz on the Atlantic. It's the cultural and historic heart of Mexico.

The friendly town of Tepic has very little foreign tourism.

One of the tiny hot streams which feed into Rio Caliente (Hot River) right next to Guadalajara.

Horse and water bird on Rio Caliente. Choose your bath: upstream is hotter, down, cooler. You can visit or camp indefinitely for 50 cents. Rio Caliente is in the Bosque reserve right at the West edge of Guadalajara, Mexico's second city, with 6 million people.

Valley of the Rio Caliente. Super hiking up on this ridge. To get here, from downtown Guadalajara's old (local) bus station, take the Tala bus and ask to get off at the town of La Primavera. Everyone there can direct you. It's a 3 mile walk from the highway. Or take a taxi right to the river from Guadalajara.

View west towards the volcanoes around Tepic.

In Mexico City's main square "El Zocalo," right in front of the main Cathedral, the Nude Poet runs his eternal campaign for Presidente!

My best friend in the City, Leonardo Juarez, leap-frogging his son Octavio.

Both Leonardo's kids

The crater of the world's newest land volcano, Paricutin, born in 1943.

Paricutin is just east of Uruapan, the beautiful capital of Michoacan and the avocado capital of Mexico.

So many shrines I forget where they are.

Murals are everywhere,too.

This slide was terribly underexposed, but I had to show you how the exquisite city of Xalapa (or Jalapa) is covered with flowers even in the dry season thanks to the "Chipi-Chipi" a night drizzle. What a city! Spectacular scenery, few foreigners, culture, and a volcano just north of downtown to explore.

A neighborhood outdoor laundry is under this bower.

On the special Sunday morning bus to the public hot baths "Banos El Corrizal"

The roof of the Cathedral in Xalapa with a view 40 miles to the tallest volcano in Mexico (18,850') known as Pico de Orizaba or the old name Citlaltepetl "Morning Star", just visible on the right.

From the hut at 13,900' where most people start climbing Citlaltepetl about 3 in the morning.

Just before sunrise.

Sunrise from about 17,000' up

I missed the top by some 1000' due to an injury which prevented me from training enough. I was so tired it took me a half-hour to figure out that the last 1000' would take me another 5 hours!

Back at the hut. You can mountain-bike from here down this eastern side some 10,000 feet to Coscomatepec!

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