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2004 visits to Conundrum hot springs, highest in N. America. Get elevated!

My 123 best older photographs take 10 minutes to download with a 56kbps modem. Get a beer, make a sandwich, and come back for the show!

Copper Canyon, Mexico, where I escape the 20th & 21st centuries in a stupendous wild place, complete with hot springs.

Urique and Batopilas, the 2 towns in the "Copper" Canyon bottomlands.

Sanitas Peak, near Boulder, first use of my fabulous new Pentax Optio 555 digital camera!

Croton-on-Hudson, NY, where I grew up and got started in photography and mountaineering.

Adirondack Mountains to Washington, DC. Paradise to Purgatory. Or is DC Hell?

Colorado Springs, CO, where I went to Colorado College, helped start the Springs' Artists' Co-op, and camped for a summer in Artist's Glen on Pikes Peak.

California, where I programmed computers, lived on a commune, and taught myself rope-walking.

Taos, NM, where I learned juggling, grew food, and built and documented solar houses.

Boulder, CO, where I entertained on the rope on the Pearl St. Mall from 1978-1998 and started

Conundrum Hot Springs, highest in North America, plus Aspen

San Blas, an unspoiled beach where Mexicans vacation.

Yelapa, a great place to go native. I performed over the town waterfall and played Jesus for Holy Week.

*People's Guide to Mexico*, the best web site (and book) -for travelers, not tourists

A brief trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone.

Rennaissance Fairs, where I performed 1983-8.

Guatemala, where I lived on magical Lake Atitlan, which Aldous Huxley called the most beautiful in the world.

Lake Atitlan, the wilder sides.

The Sierra Madre Oriental, in the north.

Baja California, the longest penninsula in the world

The Volcanic belt of central Mexico. Climbing the highest one, Orizaba.

Oaxaca and Chiapas, the southernmost states.

Backpacking summer on the Continental Divide and Colorado Trails.

Miscellaneous photos, USA

Abstracts, oddities and close-ups

"May the long time sun shine upon you,
All love surround you,
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on." voted #1 for the next President's agenda:
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Iridescent Clouds, Boulder
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