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I got a job programming computers at UCLA Medical Center in 1973. The first place I lived was Woodland Hills. My neighbor Penny.

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These green suculents are common Southern California landscaping.

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I moved to the bizarre McCoy Ranch north of Malibu where I lived in a commune in my tipi.

Not far from the ranch was a 150' waterfall with caves and pools at the top. I installed a 4'X8' sheet of plywood and camped out.

The moon reflected in the pool in the cave.

My buddies Govinda, a guitarist and Scott, a surfer who grew up in Malibu across the street from Bob Dylan's place.

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Sunset over the Pacific.

After old man McCoy booted out the commune, I moved my tipi to Topanga Canyon, where my neighbors lived in this trailer and slept outside under the huge live oaks.

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View from the Moonfire Temple on the ridge high above the canyon. Louis had quite a menagerie up here, including a camel.

The Topanga Days Celebration.

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These are at the Venice Canal Festival. Fabulous!

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I left L.A. in December 1974. I came back for a visit in 1984. An interesting cave formation in Silicon Valley.

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Travertine Hot Springs by the travertine quarry behind the Ranger Station South of Bridgeport on US 395, with a view of the Sierra Nevada to the West.

The hot water comes out of the top of this ridge and is channeled into several pools of different temperatures.

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A Norwegian-style house near Mamoth.

Yosemite valley

Echo.jpg - 22kb

Echo Lake in Yosemite.

I think this is Bridal Veil Falls.

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