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Ph. D. (Social Psychology), University of Colorado, 1960
M. S. (Psychology), Iowa State University, 1955
A. B. (Psychology), University of California, Berkeley, 1953


Dr. Campbell is a research scientist, educational consultant and decision analyst. He has led many training workshops and taught several university courses, in the areas of decision science, decision support systems, education, and facilitating group meetings. He has conducted extensive research in education and social decision processes.

For the last 35 years he has been involved in developing new techniques of citizen participation in the democratic decision process. He designed and tested in San Jose, California the first automated public feedback system using telephone and computer. He has written articles, conducted research and applied new techniques, such as the televote, in town and school system governance.

From 1965 to 1972 he led the development of objectives and measures of educational achievement in the citizenship area for the National Assessment of Educational Progress. From 1969 to 1971 he served as chairman of the citizenship education committee of the National Council of the Social Studies. He was elected twice to a local school board in California, and served as chairman of the board for one year.

He has worked as a decision analyst, solving complex problems and designing systems for a variety of government and corporate clients. He has conducted more than 100 decision conferences which combined group problem solving techniques with decision analysis. Since 1990 he has consulted for schools on outcome-based assessment, and has conducted research on teaching problem-solving and decision making in secondary schools.


Decision Systems, inc. (1986 to present) - President and Chairman. Conduct research, lead training workshops, facilitate meetings and decision conferences, and consult on communication systems and education.

The George Washington University (1991 to 1993) - Visiting Associate Professor. Taught courses in decision support systems, expert systems and decision science.

Decisions and Designs, Inc. (1976-77 and 1980-86) - Senior Decision Analyst. Planned and conducted analyses for government and industry, and designed decision support systems.

Independent consultant (1977-80). Designed and conducted evaluations and decision analyses, consulted on school improvement, and conducted training workshops.

American Institutes for Research (1960-76) - Principal Research Scientist, Director of Social and Educational Research Program. Initiated and directed many research projects on improving instructional methods, measurement and evaluation, decision making, problem solving, citizenship, and community action.

U. S. Army Leadership Human Research Unit (1955-57). Conducted research on small group leadership while enlisted in Army.


His clients of the past 20 years include:


Just published: Democracy and Terrorism: a Vision of the Future, Authorhouse, 2003. Order at:

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