Northeast Mexico

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All these photos are in the Sierra Madre Oriental "Eastern Mother Mountains" of Northeast Mexico.

The first 3 are in Tamasopo, a famed vacation area:

Several times I took the train from Juarez to Irapuato, whence I bicycled to San Miguel de Allende. This is a strangely beautiful erosion scene:

Shadow of a shrine I camped in on the way..

The next 2 are in San Miguel at a gorgeous outdoor eatery at Los Chorros:

In San Miguel I joined up with cyclists Claus Fuger from Germany and Charles Haddy of England. Here's Claus:

We took off for the East. The photographer meditating:

The photographer's bike and gear:

We descend into Tolontango gorge wherein are the famous Grutas of Tolantango:

The entrance to the cavern is below right. The water is very warm, with several waterfalls at the entrance and more deep inside:

Above the cavern is "La Gloria" -a wonderland of pools and falls between the canyon wall and the 2000' high slab peeling off the canyon wall:

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