Renaissance Faire photographs

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My first Renaissance Faire was in Agora, CA in 1974, when I lived at the fabulous McCoy Ranch north of Malibu, with a bunch of people including Light, shown here.

Tony was a great violinist.

This is the fair where I first saw a rope-walker, which got me started on my future career.

If you like dragons & gargoyles, The Renaissance Faires are your kind of place.

The Faire version of a pillow fight.

These are the Tramp Champs, then Canada's best, part of Puck's Canadian Traveling Circus, which I joined briefly in 1976 as their not-so-tight-rope artist.

Here I am at a Renaissance Faire in Clearwater, Florida in 1983

The Texas Renaissance Faire where I performed 1985-6. Some jugglers from Austin.

The belly dance stage was a performers' favorite.

Texas fans were passionate.

Michael and Marilyn Marzella were the King and Queen at many fairs, and set an example for all monarchs, real and fantasy.

Full Moon Circus. Cliff juggling fire on the wire with Mary watching.

Cliff nearing the high point of his performance.

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