Abstract, oddity and closeup photographs

All photos are copyright by Evan Ravitz and for sale. Nonprofit use of these small images is free if credit is given. Email: evan (at) vote.org

Carrots in love.

Iridescent clouds are difficult to photograph.

Fern eaten away by insects.

Rock detail.

Edge of a geode.

Giraffes at the zoo.

A piece of wood "rides" a blanket fold.

2 film leaders exposed to light.

A piece of lichen imitates a tree on my blue jeans.

Another lichen happy to be itself.

Manhole lids


A moth still in chrysalis state, or a spider-wrapped fly?

A sandwich imitates the Rolling Stone's trademark tongue

Twin sunrises?

The superimposition of 2 similar shots in a park.

A just-thawed creek in New Hampshire's White Mountains.

Patterns on a weathered stump.

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