Colorado Springs & Pikes Peak photos

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Peter Gordon, my roomate at Colorado College 1971-2, dancing with Ed Hocker's dog Socrates.

Ed Hocker, who dropped out to become a mason and later a transportation planner.

Clyde Christiansen and Ed built a cabin on National Forest land near here.

Our dorm Slocum in the background

Peter on the left, longtime teacher and now business consultant.

At Garden of the Gods, where we learned to rock climb.

Peter's roomate Mike a couple of years later.

A Colorado College trip up La Plata peak

A sidewalk imitates the Sistine Chapel. Adam at left; God's face in the bit of light at upper right.

Almagre.jpg - 32kb

Taken from Almagre Mountain (12,367'), only sizeable companion to Pikes Peak (14,110')


Aspen leaves

The Pikes Peak Highway

Hiking up the Highway in winter

Summit view

A typical Colorado College skier.

Tony Sokolow (left) with Sleaze Woman at the Demolition Derby.

Chuck Briggs, now an anthropology professor, with a girlfriend whose name escapes me.

Square dance

Dave Patz belaying a climber. He's now a doctor.

George, visiting Mesa Verde National Park


On a camping trip for a class called "Zen Buddism and Quantum Mechanics."

This guy was a master potter.

The summer of '73 we started the Springs Artists Co-op in one of the oldest buildings in Colorado City, the original part of Colorado Springs.

That summer I lived under this plastic tarp in Artists Glen, with 2 kittens.

The Glen is below these giant rocks, at the foot of Cameron's Cone, here viewed from the Barr Trail, which is the classic route up Pikes Peak. The rocks are called Gog (upper) and Magog (lower).

In the Glen. Most of the sparse vegetation on the left slope of pink scree is wild anise. Sweet!

Columbine, the Colorado state flower.

Gog Rock is a giant castle of rock at about 8700' altitude. The huge top rock overhangs, allowing protected camping with a view down at Colorado Springs almost 3000' below. You can see the curvature of the earth.

Sandy. Her left arm points towards the stream at the bottom of the Glen, visible 600' below.

John Gilmore. He became one of the founders of Sun Microsystems, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Cygnus Software, and DanceSafe. Incredible work, John!

The kittens moved to the Glen very young. It was very hard to carry them out at the end of the summer!

In Manitou Springs at the foot of the Pike National Forest.

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