Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico

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Oaxaca is a very poor but beautiful state.

The famous Tule Tree in Santa Maria del Tule. Said to be the widest tree in the world at 178 feet circumference, with its own church:

The Tule Tree and its caretaker

Children love to hang out here.

Mexicans love movies

"Coming attractions"

Poster for the "Congress of Wisdom" U.S. Congress not invited! The Khumba Mela held every 12 years in Allahabad, India is the world's largest gathering of people, with some 45 million gathering for Hindu ceremonies in 2001.

Monte Alban is one of Mexico's finest ruins, on top of a leveled mountain. I met some young "Rock 'n Rolleros" up there having a great time. Oaxaca City is in the valley, the ceremonial ball court in in the background right:

They smoked some "mota" and then entertained themselves in these tunnels by lighting paper on fire and tossing it around:

Back in the city, the Iglesia (Church) de Santo Domingo is one of the most ornate anywhere:

Domingo.jpg - 38kb

Sunrise from Gloria's vegetarian hostel at the end of the famed Zipolite nude beach near Puerto Angel. Here you can watch the sun rise and set over the Pacific. (Check a map to see how.)

Chiapas, the last state before Guatemala:

In Aguacero Natural Park, on Rio La Venta. Way upstream there are caves containing the remains of sacrificed children!

Beth in a little cavelet above the Aguacero gorge, looking a bit fearful!

Off a hairpin turn on the long climb from the lowlands to the gorgeous city of San Cristobal is El Chorreador ("The Faucet"), the exit of a huge series of limestone caves which underlie the highlands.

Beth above the pools at El Chorreador.

At the fabulous Indian Market in San Cristobal de las Casas.

Little shops called "tianguis." Both photos have ice cream vendors in front.

The Arcotete, a natural stone arch over a river just North of San Cristobal. Under the arch are hidden some gorgeous pearlescent pink and purple stalagtites.

South of town are the Grutas (caves) of San Cristobal.

Outside the caves are some huge concrete slides.

The photographer at left.

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